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Contact persons for legal and tax issues related to the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus is having an increasing impact on everyday work and poses challenges for many companies. We have prepared ourselves for your questions and are at your disposal. With our international network of lawyers, we are also happy to support you in the event of any obstructions to cross-border deliveries of goods, both locally and in Germany.

Labor law:

Duty of care of the employer,
Home office, short-time work,
Continued payment of remuneration, quarantine,
Rights and obligations of employees,               
Official plant closure

Prof. Dr. Rolf Otto Seeling

Lawyer / Partner
Specialist lawyer for labor law
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

Phone: +49 911 400799 14
E-mail: seelingNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de

Corporate law:

Emergency and substitution arrangements for the       
the management,
Contract and delivery disruptions in the
supply/purchase chain,
Delay/force majeure, MAC clauses,
general damage mitigation obligations

Alexander Frey

Business Lawyer (Univ. Bayreuth)
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law

Phone: +49 911 400799 0
E-Mail: freyNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de


Duty to file for insolvency,
Managing director liability


Danny Hinkelthein

Lawyer/Partner, LL.M.oec.
Specialist attorney for intellectual property law
Specialist attorney for copyright and media law

Phone: +49 911 400799 17
hinkeltheinNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de


Ensuring liquidity,                                  
Information obligations of the
MAC clauses

Kerstin J. Thorwart


Phone: +49 911 400799 17
E-mail: thorwartNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de

Insurance law:

Insurance coverage for                                     
Business interruption and
-Business closure


Christiane Eifler

LL.M. (Intellectual Property Law)
Specialist in intellectual property law

Phone: +49 911 400799 19
E-mail: eiflerNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de

Tax law:

Tax relief  


Simone Binder/ Daniela Koschanin

Tax consultant/partner

Phone: +49 911 400799 24
E-mail: binderNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de


Beatrice Sünnwoldt


Phone: +49 911 400799 0
E-mail: suenwoldtNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de

real estate law:

private construction law, construction process and
construction process related topics


Ulrike Vestner

Specialist lawyer for building and architectural law

Phone: +49 911 400799 44
E-Mail: vestner@thorwart.de

Commercial tenancy law:

Commercial tenancy and lease agreements



Katrin Frey


Phone: +49 911 400799 17
E-mail: k.frey@thorwart.de

For more information on this, please also see www.corona-mietenstop.de  


For current changes in landlord-tenant law (as of 3/24/2020), see here.