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Nuremberg "Labor Law Aspects of an Occupation in a Home Office."

Legal advice

From new distance regulations in the office to compulsory masks at the workplace and reduced working hours: Covid-19 has the work environment tightly in its grip and poses new challenges for all those involved. In terms of labor law, one topic in particular is attracting attention: the home office.

While some companies vehemently opposed this form of work just before the Corona pandemic, the "home office" as a place of work now seems to be much more than just a temporary arrangement for many employers. Yet there are also many legal issues associated with it: How can working hours and occupational health and safety in the home office be monitored? How must the home workplace be equipped? And is an accident in the home office considered an accident at work?

In this event, we would like to attempt to provide you with answers to the most prominent labor law questions related to the home office. We look forward to welcoming you and to a vivid exchange of ideas.


from 08:30 to 09:30

Jacqueline Stadtelmann

Lawyer/Salary Partner
Business Lawyer (Univ. Bayreuth)
Specialist lawyer for labor law

Prof. Dr. Rolf Otto Seeling

Specialist lawyer for labour law
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law