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Strong values are the basis for our cooperation

THORWART stands for commitment. We are partners of the entrepreneur. 
Our values are firmly anchored in our mission statement.

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For us, living tradition means transporting our values into the future. At every point our client can rely on our strong roots from four generations of the law firm. They provide us with stability and at the same time grant us flexibility. We have an inner connection to the definition of the honourable merchant. We stand by our word and accept that of our clients as being binding. We know that sustainable solutions can only be achieved through a strong set of values. This is the basis for our cooperation.

The best solution is our claim. To achieve this, we have a multidisciplinary range of services and an excellent network that allows us to put together individual and targeted solution packages. We are a team of specialists who understand not only the legal but also the economic structures. This makes us a solution provider who thinks to the very end. If we serve a client for whom we are unable to provide a comprehensive solution, we will find a suitable partner from our network. We want our clients to work with us to develop an advantage for their entrepreneurial thinking and acting.


We work for people and their goals. We see ourselves on the same level, because their goal is also ours. Therefore we do not see ourselves as consultants but as companions. We are solution pilots and value drivers for medium-sized entrepreneurs. We know that the entrepreneurial and human worlds are inseparably linked. As we ourselves are rooted in the mid-sized sector, we grow through our clients. We look after our clients with one single contact person in all matters. This makes us a first-class partner when it comes to advice on legal, tax and business issues.


In every solution that we create for our clients, we ask ourselves: Will it also help the entrepreneur in the future? For us, sustainability means entrepreneurship in the future on a strong legal basis, taking into account economic and personal structures. In doing so, we act flexibly and on the move. We take our knowledge into the companies and make them strong. Sustainable concepts only work if the people behind them stand behind them and live them. That is why we create solutions that fit the company and the entrepreneur. Our partnership-based consulting approach is designed for long-term cooperation.

We also reflect our sustainable responsibility in our foundation.