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Lars Schubert

Diploma in Business Administration (BA)

Lars Schubert advises and audits medium-sized companies in a wide range of sectors, mostly on the basis of long-term client relationships, with a focus on production, trade and services and agriculture, as well as companies subject to mandatory audits in accordance with the German Budgetary Principles Act. He accompanies company start-ups, reorganisations, company sales and mergers and is active in tax consultancy. Lars Schubert's main areas of activity include:

  • creative business management audit
  • strategic corporate planning
  • conflict management
  • accompaniment of company audits of all kinds
fields of activity:
  • since 2014 managing partner of THORWART Gera
  • Chairman of the COOPERATIVE Audit Cooperative Audit Committee
  • Managing partner of Schubert audit GmbH auditing company in Annaberg-Buchholz
  • 2008 Appointment as auditor
  • Until 1999 economics studies at the Berufsakademie Sachsen-Leipzig as a graduate business economist (BA)