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THORWART Lecture Forum

With the THORWART Lecture Forum, the THORWART law firm initiates and hosts various lectures at varying intervals, both with speakers from its own professional circle and with experts from business, administration and science. Current and practice-related topics from the fields of law, taxation and auditing, but also from other areas that are important for companies and entrepreneurs and their management, are discussed and illustrated. The participants of the THORWART LectureForum will have the opportunity to inform themselves and at the same time to discuss and exchange ideas with the respective speaker(s) and other participants.

The THORWART LectureForum usually takes place in the morning between 8.00 and 9.30 a.m. including a small breakfast. The participation is free of charge.

Are you interested in our events? We will gladly inform you. Please contact

Petra Pierro 
phone: +49 911 400799-14
fax: +49 911 400799-9014
e-mail: pierroNO SPAM SPAN!@thorwart.de

FOM Lecture series

Our partner Prof. Dr. Rolf Otto Seeling has established two lecture series at the FOM University of Economics & Management in Nuremberg, the "Labour Law Breakfast" and the "SME Forum on Corporate Law", which have been very successful for many years. Speakers are generally lawyers from the THORWART law firm.

There will be no events in the near future.